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Tales of Innocence English Patch for Base Translation has Finished!

November 10, 2009

Tales_of_Innocence_boxart (c) 2007 Namco Tales/Namco Bandai
Thanks to Triforce(@ ds-scene) for the Info

It seems like Absolute Zero Translation, the fan translation group that devoted them self to Tales series has done another great Job. After their Tales of Phantasia (SFC/PS/PSP/GBA) for PS1, now they finally finished the whole base trans (that Include the story too) for Tales of Innocence.

To those who curious about how many scripts they worked, they said about 500 Skits, and *I don’t know more* :P, but that’s too many. Oh yeah, if you support them, don’t forget to donate to them at

Because, the patch will come over your hands at the end of November(that means about 2-3 weeks from now), because they need to do final check with all the bug, and some beta testing with well known people (probably from GBATemp).

Check out their website for more Info

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