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Colin McRae DiRT 2

December 17, 2009

(c)2009 Codemasters

“Welcome to DiRT 2”

Dirt 2 a sequel of world winning Rally game Dirt now comes to PS3, Xbox 360 few months ago, now comes to PC too with more feature like Rapture 3D, and bringing new features from Dirt 1 too, as New World Tour, more realistic felling, and more. Let’s just Check this out!

What’s This Game About?
If you are fans of Rally game, or just love to watch Rally, well Dirt 2 gives you all your Rally experience into 1 game. The game visualized you going abroad on Dirt Tour, your objective is simple, to win the Dirt Tour. The Simulation felling is realistic, as you were really on your Trailer waiting for a race to start, you can Navigate Outside your Trailer and look at surrounding  as well checking news, your car, and more. The newly EGO engine that used on Race Driver: Grid makes the game more powerful and beautiful, you’ll never seen a racing game on PC more beautiful than this.

The game features new line up of cars, real Rally Opponent, a simulation like Driving Experience, featuring 4 Continent around the world to be explored, including Baja, Croatia, Malaysia, and more (too bad Indonesian not included 😛 ).

What this game look like?
Now this is a really hard question to answer but we know you know it… Dirt 2 Using a newly updated EGO Engine the first one to heavily using DirectX11 and HQ 3D Sound Rapture 3D, makes this game look stunning from Graphic and Sound Side, what’s more the game now have more addictive Career mode, like Buddy Mode which makes you partnering with a real Rally Races around the World like Dave Mirra, Tony Block, and more. What’s more interesting stuff you can have a challenge with them in some event.

The new Rapture 3D sound engine makes the feeling playing Dirt 2 like really standing on there, like you really racing on the track. A real great experience.

The Tour Mode now upgraded to the next generation with more wild style, now you can select from 4 Continent to choose where you want to rally from Shibuya, Croatia, Malaysia, Baja, and more. The race will consisting in 5 general rally style, and 3 special rally style, Including Rally, Rallycross, Trailblazer, Raid, Landrush, Gatecrasher, Domination, and Last Man Standing.

Sadly I haven’t any time to try the Online and Multiplayer mode, so that’s coming later I think 😛

What do you think about this game?
I must admit it as a really cool Rally games I’ve ever seen. How the Graphics doned was amazing, the Sound was terrific, and the Gameplay is Awesome too. You’ll never want to miss the game this great, and Of course you might be want to have time to upgrade your PC to have a better visual on using DirectX 11, It will be a great stuff to see.

Graphic: 10/10
Sound: 10/10
Gameplay: 19/10
Total: 29/30 (Awesomeness) (Must Play+with High Quality System too)

System Requirement:
OS: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
Processor: Intel Pentium D 2.6Ghz, AMD Athlon 64 X2
RAM: 1GB (2GB for Windows Vista and Windows 7)
HDD Space: 10GB
Video Card: ATI Radeon X1600, NVIDIA GeForce 6800

DirectX 11 Recommended:
OS: Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 2 or Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core i7 or AMD Athlon Phenom II X4 955
HDD Space: 10GB
Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series

Review: DiRT 2
System: PS3/Xbox 360/PC
Developer/Publisher: Codemasters/Codemasters
Rating: E+10 (Everyone +10)
Last Updated: 17/12/2009 10:29 A.M. (GMT +07)