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Alan Wake PC : Need Publisher!!!

May 29, 2010

Ok… it’s not a news, yet a presumption of what I take from Remedy replies as they want to create PC version of Alan Wake, but can’t because Microsoft not allowing them.

Simple and stupid reason from Microsoft said that Alan Wake meant to be played on Big TV Screen while you sit down on couch and relaxing with Xbox 360 Controller on your hand.

That was so stupid, or maybe idiot. Yes, why you ask? Think about it, any game would fit on PC, whatever it was meant to be played on TV or whatsoever. Besides Remedy first plan is to implant Alan Wake on DX10 which makes the game freaking awesome. 360 never so awesome like DX10 IMO.

Maybe Microsoft thinking that Xbox 360 sales dropped hard, that they think they should make a competitor against it’s rival which is PS3 itself that releasing Heavy Rain which is exclusive to PS3 since of course Sony don’t do PC.

Which makes me think that Alan Wake PC needs publisher, like Mass Effect do with EA

Any publisher will do, in fact some Xbox 360 games were ported to PC  like Mass Effect and Ninja Blade, will consider the Developer to choose the better publisher to publish the game on multi console. Microsoft Games never done a good job ever, even on PC.