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James Cameron’s Avatar

December 18, 2009

(c)2009 20th Century Fox/Lightstorm Entertainment

“Outstanding!” Yep, that’s what I say about this movie, an epic styled movie created by the legendary James Cameron from Titanic, comes a new dazzling  epic adventure Avatar.

What’s This Movie about?
Do you know what Avatar meaning is? Avatar is more like personality, so not to mistaken the animated story from Nick with the same title Avatar. Ok let’s get started.

Avatar is the epic story about a satelite in orbit of Polyphemus, one of three gas giants that orbit Alpha Centauri A. The year is 2154, and earth has started a connection of organism of other planet, the story start from Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) whose his brother died from a robbery, and offered on the Avatar program, Sully was paralyzed from the waist down from combat (Jake Sully is Marine) he was offered if he’s coming on the program, his paralyzed will be healed.
After reaching planet Pandora, he was asked to controlling the Avatar, a body of the living human at planet Pandora called Na’vi. Jake mission is to research and adapt the living on planet Pandora, and negotiate them to move so Earth can extract the valuable mineral that worth a kilo about 20 Million US$.
Sully was willing to do the project, and to the sync with the Avatar. On the Avatar body Sully can walk, and do the things like Na’vi can. On the middle of research, Sully was separated from his team, and met the primitive on Pandora, a girl named Neytiri. Neytiri realized that Sully was a chosen one from the god of the planet. Neytiri introduce Sully to the whole tribe. First the tribe not trust Sully as he come to their tribe. Thus makes Sully to learn to living there before he can be accepted to the Tribe.

Sully is learning the live on Pandora with Neytiri that was asked by his own father and the leader of the Tribe to assist Sully to learn to live at Pandora. Sully introduced by many things that was dangerous but exciting. He learn the language of the Tribe too, and many thing, as finally he become a man at the Tribe.

As Sully times up at the Pandora, he was forced to Negotiate the moving, instead of Negotiating, he fall in love with Pandora, and don’t want to Negotiate the moving. Knowing that the team of researching makes Sully as Traitor and destroy the Tree where the Tribe living. Sully has been exiled from the Tribe. But as he want trust from the Tribe, he tried what the Tribe predecessor do to catch the Toruk Macto, the flying living beast on Pandora that’s so powerful and feared by all the living things on Pandora.

Sully has gained trust and start a revolution, he asked to all the Tribe on Pandora to come and fight the Team that forcing them to move out. A big epic battle begin as they started to kill each other, until many of their brother fighting the army till died, and lastly standing on the last battle. That nearly killed Sully itself. Can Sully really win the battle? What about the Tribe it self? it’s all up to you to watch the Movie.


How’s this Movie look like?
I’m not a fans of War movie, or Tear jerker movie. But if you like an epic stories that makes you just amazed by the story, Watch this movie.

This movie it self come to 2 types 2D and 3D using a really out standing animation, and Post Processing the whole movie just outstanding. You’ll see new living things on Pandora that’s really beautiful and amazing.

The movie it self like a documentary of living at Pandora, as you’ll introduced to Pandora from it’s amazing side and dangerous side. Makes you want to live at the place.
The Movie sound is amazing as real, you’ll never fell as just like you at the Pandora itself. The music is arranged by James Horner, as it’s really… outstanding and really can make you fell the adrenaline on the Pandora.

The Movie Casts:
Sam Worthington … Jake Sully
Zoe Saldana … Neytiri
Sigourney Weaver … Dr. Grace Augustine
Stephen Lang … Colonel Miles Quaritch
Michelle Rodriguez … Trudy Chacon
Giovanni Ribisi … Parker Selfridge
Joel Moore … Norm Spellman (as Joel David Moore)
CCH Pounder … Moat
Wes Studi … Eytukan
Laz Alonso … Tsu’tey
Dileep Rao … Dr. Max Patel
Matt Gerald … Corporal Lyle Wainfleet
Sean Anthony Moran … Private Fike
Jason Whyte … Cryo Vault Med Tech
Scott Lawrence … Venture Star Crew Chief

What do you think about this movie?
Outstanding! Yep! Outstanding! The movie really makes myself on there and live and felled the heat of the war between Human and Na’vi, the story telling too is amazing, and how the camera placement, how the Character creation, the Culture Creation, is really telled from first to the end. Amazing Movie you never wanna miss.

Graphic: 10/10
Sound: 10/10
Story: 10/10
Total: 10/30 (Perfect Movie) (A really must watch)

Review: Avatar
Type: Movie
Producer/Publisher: Lightstorm Entertainment/20th Century Fox
Rating: PG-13 (Parental Guidance-13)
Last Updated: 19/12/2009 21:48 P.M. (GMT +07)


Astro Boy – The Movie

November 15, 2009

astro-boy-movie-poster (c)2009 Imagi Studio/Tezuka Production/Sony Pictures

“An (not) Osamu Tezuka Production”

Astro Boy, the long winning award series produced by the Father of Anime and Manga, Osamu Tezuka is finally make it to 3D, created by Imagi Animation Studios, an studio originally from Hong Kong, and  Distributed by SONY Pictures(Kadokawa on Japan), with new story, and new character, an alternative prologue of AstroBoy, did it really resemble any of Tezuka-sensei creation?

What’s This Movie about?
It’s AstroBoy on it’s new story, so it you can say a big spoiler here skip down to continue if you hate spoiler!

It all started with a floating town called Metro City, the city is filled with robot, and humans, robot have it’s own rule, as well as human, yet they live together in peace.
After the introduction, the story started with Toby, Dr. Tenma’s Son that finishing his Science pop quiz and leave before everyone else, after that he asking Orrin the Tenma’s Family Servant(or butler) to drive him to the Ministry of Science, because on Ministry of Science where Dr. Tenma working is doing a presentation of new element they found, a blue orb of positive energy that can powered up a whole new world safely, as well as a red orb of negative energy that can powered up a whole negative energy to think badly.
After Toby meting his dad that was talking to President Stone is forced to be taken care by the guard to a room where he suppose to stay until the presentation was over, but Toby is smart and he stole one of the guards card to unlock the room and finally go to the presentation, but things go to wrong where President Stone is planning to use his Peacemaker robot to be powered using the Red Orb, making a thing worse, yet Toby is locked where the Peacemaker at, Peacemaker didn’t notice Toby is there, until it destroying the barrier that was created to taken care the whole mess,
making Toby’s Dead, lefting his favorite hat.
Dr. Tenma that was depressed finally make his mind to make a robot replica of Toby, using a whole hi tech of defense system, DNA of Toby, and finally a blue orb, powering up a new robot, Toby is reborned.
But yet, Things doesn’t look well, Dr. Tenma Misses the old Toby, everything that Toby doing on his new form reminds Tenma about the old Toby, and finally crazed from himself, calling Dr. Elefun for advices, while Toby is forced to taken to his room, Toby realized that he understand Robot Languages, and then after he accidentally falling from his room, he realized that he can fly, after he having a whole fun, he wants to tell his dad about this, but poor Toby, Dr. Tenma didn’t want Toby anymore, so he runaway from home, President Stone finds out that Toby’s is attached with the Blue Orb he wants so badly for his Peacemaker, and hunting Toby, after the last shot from President Stone, Toby falled to the Ground Earth where all the places is Scrapyard.
He realized he wasn’t alone and greeted by many robot that want to take his battery out, Toby finds out and run away, after that he met a Robot “Trashcan” apparently visualized as a dog, Trashcan seems to be attracting Toby and was dragged to a trap of robot, After the trapped is open he met new people, He met Cory and the other Guys who was from the places where all orphans lived. After talking a little to the kids, Toby was dragged by 3 Robots and greeted to their little group called Robot Liberation Front (RLF) They give Toby new name “Astro” and warned about Hamegg that slaves robots.
After the kids find outs the hiding places that obviously not a hiding places, they take Astro to the places their live. Astro was meted by many kids that living on that place, and met Hamegg the robot enginer from Metro City, but dumped to Ground, he was planned to find all working piece of robot he can found and make it joins the Robot Gladiator show.
Astro was taken to Brazil where he met ZOG the old robot that lives a hundred years there, of course the kids that was meant to take ZOG can’t take it cause it’s too big, and already dead. Astro is capable to relive ZOG and take ZOG to Hamegg places, after Hamegg testing it’s power he said the power can lived up a whole city, after he turned over and accidentally hover the tester to Astro, the tester reacted as it’s wrecked, but after that Hamegg realized that Astro is robot.
Astro and all his new friends cleaning ZOG into a new robot that was really polished clean, and take ZOG to the Robot Gladiator, but somethings wrong happens, Hamegg is paralyzing Astro, and make him join the fight, after a long battle Astro showing peace of him and trying to fight all the robot, finally he need to fight ZOG, but because ZOG is powered with a little power that Astro shared (the blue positive power) ZOG can’t fight and showing peace too. Hamegg is angry and paralyzed Astro again, and again, and again. ZOG is angry and wanna crush Hamegg all the way, but he was hold by Astro to showing peace to human too.
The Robot Gladiator show is filled with people cheered by how can robots showing peace, but Astro is captured by President Stone troops and asking Dr. Tenma and Dr. Elefun to take the blue orb from Astro, being sad by a goodbye to Toby, Dr. Tenma is finally reputing the blue orb and ask Astro to run away, President Stone that was angry is putting himself the red orb to his Peacemaker and make himself absorbed to Peacemaker, making the robot unstoppable and rage by taking the Blue orb.
Things going crazy as Metro City is filled with Rage by Peacemaker, making the whole town destroyed. Astro was realized that the places is devastated and finally return to Metro City to save the City, a big fight with Peacemaker is ended as Astro realized that his friend from Ground is holdup by the Peacemaker, Astro is finally return to destroying the Peacemaker, making Astro is dead.
Everyone sad that Astro is dead because saving the world, but after ZOG reappears it gives it’s little power to Astro, make Astro back Alive and finally have it’s own opportunity to be a hero of world. At the end Astro meting his new Alien rival and ready to fight.

How’s this Movie look like?
I like Astro Boy, and this movie has given new experience to watch Astroboy in 3D, but sadly the whole thing messed up because the story is not as touching as Tezuka-sensei created. Most of Tezuka-sensei creation is putting a real Tear Jerker story to make people that watch can cry if they felled the movie, but yet because the story is not created by Osamu it self, too bad the story is not as good as the real one.

Yet the other things I like is the Spectacular Effects on the movie, that movie is really good and really have a good effects, the whole movie is really specialized in a colorful  stage as Astro Boy is targeted from Kids to Adults

Although I disappointed by they sound setting, the Voice acting is great as real, but not the sound managing, too much cut out, and really horrible.

Freddie Highmore as Astro Boy
Nicolas Cage as Doctor Tenma
Kristen Bell as Cora
Charlize Theron as “Our Friends” Narrator
Samuel L. Jackson as Zog
Bill Nighy as Doctor Elefun/Robotski
Donald Sutherland as President Stone
Eugene Levy as Orrin
Nathan Lane as Hamegg
Moisés Arias as Zane
Matt Lucas as Sparx
Madeline Carroll as Widget/Grace
Sterling Beaumon as Sludge
Victor Bonavida as Sam
Tony Matthews as Cora’s father
Ryan Stiles as Mustachio

What do you think about this movie?
Astroboy the story that revolve about a boy with a robot body saving people, the movie is all about a prequel about how’s Astro is created, and it’s new story means alternative prequel for new comers
I Loved Astroboy, and really surprised that they created a new movie of Astroboy in 3D, but sadly the whole movie is stinks, the only good stuff is the Graphics, and the effects, they spend 65 Million Dollar to make a whole movie dream comes true. If you are a real fans of Astroboy, I don’t think you should watch this except you are a hardcore, or maybe if you are a 3D movie lover, you can watch this movie, as the effects and the post processing effect was really fabulous!

Graphic: 9/10
Sound: 6/10
Story: 6/10
Total: 23/30 (Good Movie) (Only for Hardcore)

Review: Astro Boy
Type: Movie
Producer/Publisher: Imagi Animation Studios/SONY Pictures Entertainment
Rating: General (G)
Last Updated: 15/11/2009 21:54 P.M. (GMT +07)