Band Hero (DS)

November 12, 2009

14609 (c) Activision/Vicarious Vision 2009


Might after you playing Guitar Hero World Tour, and wondering if you can do the same on DS too? Well here you go, finally after long wait, Band Hero is out, maybe a lousy name, but it’s still on Guitar Hero series, but can it rocking the world?

What’s This Game About?
You see, Band Hero is somehow an upgraded version of Guitar Hero, or maybe… Downgraded version? Band Hero can be said as more Family Friendly user with more Colorful version of Guitar Hero, while many people expect Guitar Hero to be more darker, and more rocking, they finally make new series to make younger and familiar user to expect this new Band Hero series to be more colorful.

In other side, Band Hero on DS is different, they thinking to make full band experience to the Portable system, this time the DS system. What they do is absolutely a brilliant idea but, what if the idea was really hard to acceptable to many people? For example, they make Drum Grip to make other people more feeling they playing drum on DS, while this might be a total fail, since making Drum Grip just make this game more unportable, although you still can play the drum mode using Left, Down, B, A. On the other side, you can play Guitar or Bass using Guitar Grip,  but this still a failure, since you still need to put your Guitar Grip, and make this game unportable too. Another failure that happens to this game is you must restart your DS if you want to switch from Guitar or Bass to Drum or Microphone mode, while this thing make your battery drained, this too happens to be really lame, and not so easy to just change the mode.

There’s still something to be praised from DS version of Band Hero, for the second time, another game finally can make a real Karaoke game on DS, the First one was created by Nintendo itself on the game called Daigasso Band Brother DX, and now another successful creation was on Band Hero. Why I call this “a real Karaoke game on DS”? Well maybe you seen many game utilizing DS Mic to be used to sing a song on the game, the one I remembered like Rock Revolution by Konami, or Ultimate Band by Disney Games, but they have been failed to make the Karaoke mode really good, not Band Hero though, they really can make a really same experience you play on Console version, there is a really sensitive pitch like you really singing on Microphone, which is really great.

But still S.O.L.(Still Outta Luck) to DSi user, since they only can play Drum Mode, and Karaoke Mode on DSi, as we all know DSi don’t have GBAPort to plug the Guitar Grip, neither Drum Grip. Makes this game more portable, but in other side lamer.

What this game look like?

Band Hero Main Menu Interface on Drum ModeBand Hero Main Menu Interface on Drumming Mode

As I tell you before, Band Hero is more like Family Friendly user game, designed to be more colorful and more user friendly, but what exactly they make it more user friendly?

Band Hero Drum Interface
Drumming Mode on Band Hero

The very most interesting thing they put here is they remove the story mode, and change it to be Achievement style game, you need to pull out some requirement and reap the reward. Most of it was really easy, others need a real skill to do it. The best part of all is you now can play all the setlist freely, make your own setlist and rock all night if you wanted.
Although as I said before this game is designed to be more Family Friendly style, they put some not so friendly song to the game

US Setlist:
1.)Avril Lavigne – “Girlfriend” 3:36
2.)Black Eyed Peas – “Let’s Get It Started” 3:37
3.)Blink 182 – “First Date” 2:52
4.)Boys Like Girls – “The Great Escape” 3:41
5.)Duran Duran – “Hungry Like The Wolf” 3:27
6.)Eagles Of Death Metal – “Wannabe In L.A.” 2:16
7.)Evanescence – “Call Me When You’re Sober” 3:35
8.)Fall Out Boy – “Thnks Fr Th Mmrs” 3:24
9.)Foo Fighters – “Monkey Wrench” 3:51
10.)Kaiser Chiefs – “I Predict A Riot” 3:55
11.)Kings Of Leon – “Manhattan” 3:26
12.)KT Tunstall – “Suddenly I See” 3:22
13.)Lacuna Coil – “Our Truth” 4:03
14.)No Doubt – “Excuse Me Mr.” 3:06
15.)Pink – “So What” 3:37
16.)Queen – “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” 2:44
17.)Queens Of The Stone Age – “No One Knows” 4:39
18.)Spin Doctors – “Two Princes” 4:18
19.)Sublime – “All You Need” 2:45
20.)Sum 41 – “In Too Deep” 3:27
21.)The All American Rejects – “Believe” 3:28
22.)The Killers – “Spaceman” 4:45
23.)The Presidents Of The United States Of America – “Lump” 2:14
24.)The Pretenders – “Boots Of Chinese Plastic” 2:27
25.)The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – “You Beter Pray” 3:37
26.)The Rolling Stones – “Under My Thumb (Live)” 4:19
27.)The Vines – “Get Free” 2:07
28.)Ugly Kid Joe – “Everything About You” 4:20
29.)Vampire Weekend – “A-Punk” 2:17
30.)Weezer – “Troublemaker” 2:45

And all of them not so lousy, but a little Familiar but not so Familiar. Uhh… forget what I’m saying…

The Graphic is now tweaked to be more Cartoonish,  maybe you played older Guitar Hero on DS, see the graphic is somehow dark, and really metal (actually not really). Well this time is more Cartoonish, and more… Cartoonish!

Another stuff you can see is you now can create your own Hero, similar to  Console version of Guitar Hero World Tour, you can start creating your own character, and as I said before you can get new Thread by playing through solo mode, and get Achievements, of course you can buy it too using money from your gig.

Again, Another stuff you can praise is now you can play Band Hero with Wii user using Wi-Fi Connection, this is new and really cool, if maybe you buying Band Hero on Wii, but only buying a Guitar set, now you can play another Bass, or maybe Guitar, or maybe Microphone, or maybe ANOTHER Guitar using DS,  although maybe have another feeling about that, but you can play this game on stereo now on Wii 😛

What do you think about this game?
I’m fans of Rhythm game, especially Guitar Hero game, Band Hero’s not bad, but it can have more improvement, like no need to restart the DS system just to switch the mode from Guitar to Drum, or maybe make the game more portable and more rocking, and of course DSi friendly system yes? 😀

But if you are Guitar Hero fans, and want to playing more Guitar Hero (and never have enough) you should play this, since it share the same style of Guitar Hero.

Graphic: 7/10
Sound: 8/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Total: 23/30 (Good Game) (Only Play if you are a fans of Guitar Hero)

Review: Band Hero
System: Nintendo DS
Developer/Publisher: Vicarious Visions/Activision/Red Octane
Rating: Everyone 10+ (E10+)
Last Updated: 12/11/2009 21:54 P.M. (GMT +07)


SAW: The Video Game

November 11, 2009

Saw_Box_Art_6 (c)KONAMI/Zombie 2009

“I want to play a game”

Finally after long wait, we finally can play Saw: The Video Game, published by KONAMI, and Created by ZOMBIE studios, let see if this long waited game can match the scare we had when we watched the movie.

What’s This Game About?
Ever watch SAW? if you do, then you will familiar with this game story, it started with Detective Tapp kidnapped and armed with trap on his head, next to his a TV comes a picture of a scary doll (Billy) representing the Jigsaw Killer, as he said, he wants to play a game, so we must because we have no choice. Then you must disarm your own Trap to avoid death, pretty intense for the first scene of the game as if you not given instruction how to disarm the trap. After you managed to pull out the stuff outta your head, you need escape the room and get the hell outta there.

As you progress, you must save people around you too, fail once and you will soon die too, the game pretty intense since on your body Saw already planted a key for everyone escape on the Asylum, what ever happens, you must survive, and find the truth.

What this game look like?
The game is designed to be felled like the movie, you need to find the way out the asylum to survive, get to know some trap that maybe lies behind the door, make crucial decision, and make your way to the truth, in some point of the game you need to save other people, else you need to survive from other people that maybe kill you on your way to get the truth.

The game is played on 3rd person view, the view can sometimes buggy and really hard to point Tapp to move, and sometimes fell into the trap. When approaching a puzzle the camera changes to the puzzle view, allowing you to do the puzzle and survive. Sometimes in the asylum you will find a used trap with blood on the bottom, when you examine it you will get extra scene where you can see the people that suffer from the trap, pretty scary too, like you watching snap movies.

As you progress too, you will met your enemy, and to survive you must kill the enemy, as I said before the enemy is other people that want to survive. There’s many way to kill them, using your weapon, your hand, or maybe make them trapped to your trap. The unique stuff in this game, you can remake the trap that was Saw designed to kill you, to make other people killed too. Some other enemy do not want to be killed and just want to stay there without killing Tapp. When there’s a dead body, you can examine the body to get item inside them.

The game is pretty difficult, but you can retry as many times as you can, because the point on this game is to play this game until it’s all over. Since the game have auto save as you progress it will save automatically, so you don’t need to worry about save point.

What do you think about this game?
Although many people said this game can be Silent Hill Spiritual successor,  I still can said this game have it’s own taste, it’s more thrilling than Silent Hill, and more bloody than Silent Hill, although it’s less mysterious than Silent Hill, Saw have it’s own value, and I can get used to this series of game, plus the whole puzzle and story is created from Saw own producer itself, if you are Saw fans and Puzzle lovers(like me) Take this game and try it on the middle of night.

Graphic: 8/10
Sound: 9/10
Gameplay: 10/10
Total: 27/30 (Amazing) (Only play when  you are alone)

PC Requirement:
Operating System Windows XP with Service Pack 3 or Windows Vista
CPU Intel Pentium: 4 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon 2.0+ Ghz processor(XP) Any Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon X2(Vista/7)
Memory: 1 GB(XP) 2 GB(Vista/7)
Hard Drive Space: 5 GB of free space
Graphics Hardware: nVidia GeForce 6600+, ATI X1300+(XP)  nVidia GeForce 7600, ATI X1900(Vista/7)
Sound Hardware: DirectX Compatible

Review: SAW: The Video Game
System: PS3/Xbox 360/Windows
Developer/Publisher: Zombie Studios/KONAMI/Brash Entertainment(former)
Rating: Mature (M)
Last Updated: 11/11/2009 11:04 A.M. (GMT +07)


Tales of Innocence English Patch for Base Translation has Finished!

November 10, 2009

Tales_of_Innocence_boxart (c) 2007 Namco Tales/Namco Bandai
Thanks to Triforce(@ ds-scene) for the Info

It seems like Absolute Zero Translation, the fan translation group that devoted them self to Tales series has done another great Job. After their Tales of Phantasia (SFC/PS/PSP/GBA) for PS1, now they finally finished the whole base trans (that Include the story too) for Tales of Innocence.

To those who curious about how many scripts they worked, they said about 500 Skits, and *I don’t know more* :P, but that’s too many. Oh yeah, if you support them, don’t forget to donate to them at http://www.absolutezerotranslations.com/donations/

Because, the patch will come over your hands at the end of November(that means about 2-3 weeks from now), because they need to do final check with all the bug, and some beta testing with well known people (probably from GBATemp).

Check out their website for more Info http://www.absolutezerotranslations.com/

This article only available from: akariIchinose and InGamer


Lego : Rock Band

November 7, 2009

Lego Rock Band

(c)Harmonix, TT Games 2009

Rock Band for NDS? did you looking for this game?

Yep! Rock Band finally made it’s debut to Nintendo DS, as it’s follow the most fantastic Rock Simulation come to PSP named Rock Band Unplugged, Rock Band on DS now come with some crazy Blocky named Lego, rocking your DS.

What’s This Game About?
Rock Band was all about Band Simulation, you play Guitar, Bass, Drum, and Vocals to get fame, and Rocking the World with your band. Rock Band Lego is no Difference, you play a Band that’s Grouped by Sir Thomas, in Intro an audition by Sir Thomas was on to search for a guitarist, drummer, and bassist. The Audition run like crazy every lego blocks from all around the town come to be in the band, finally 3 choosed to be in the band Penny Twilight as Bassist, Nicky Overdrive as Drummer, and Quentin Lance as Guitarist. Now your job is to make your band to the famous band on the earth.

What this game look like?
The Game looks really Amazing, as I never play Rock Band before, the game play like DJ Max(PSP) similar to Rock Band Unplugged on PSP too.

To play the band you must make your band performance the best, by playing their part until their face showing on the bottom screen smiling, after that you must change the personnel to make chain and scoring high, the higher the score, the higher your star rating will.
The game play using 4 button (A, X, Left Pad, Up Pad) Similar to PSP ver (O, Triangle, Left Pad, Up Pad) and using L and R button to change each personnel.
pic 1 The game too utilize DS Mic to do special, although no Touch Screen is usable while playing the music.

While on your den, you can choose 5 menu: Continue Tour, Stage (for practicing), Rock Shop (to Customize your character using money you got from you gig), Office (to hire staff for additional stats, change band name, and restart the story), and Lounge (to Customize your Den, and watch the video shown before.

The game setlist have a Family friendly music, and most of it contains historic soundtrack and popular.

All American Rejects, “Swing, Swing”
The Automatic, “Monster”
Blur, “Song 2”
Carl Douglas, “Kung Fu Fighting”
Counting Crows, “Accidentally in Love”
David Bowie, “Let’s Dance”
Europe, “The Final Countdown”
Good Charlotte, “Girls & Boys”
Iggy Pop, “The Passenger”
Jackson 5, “I Want You Back”
Kaiser Chiefs, “Ruby”
Katrina & the Waves, “Walking on Sunshine”
KT Tunstall, “Suddenly I See”
P!NK, “So What”
The Primitives, “Crash”
Queen, “We Are The Champions”
Queen, “We Will Rock You”
Rascal Flatts, “Life is a Highway”
Ray Parker Jr., “Ghostbusters”
Spin Doctors, “Two Princes”
Sum 41, “In Too Deep”
Supergrass, “Grace”
Tom Petty, “Free Fallin’”
Vampire Weekend, “A-Punk”
We the Kings, “Check Yes Juliet”

The game have really good graphic compared to Guitar Hero DS, and for no peripheral required make this game more easy to carry. The game interface somehow shared similarity to Gameloft Guitar Rock Tour.

What do you think about this game?
I like rhythm games, most of it like DJ Max, Beatmania, Pop ‘n Music, and of course some like Guitar Hero, GuitarFreaks, and lastly Rock Band(although I never play it before) so I can say if you like Rocking on the road, or maybe on school, or maybe on your Lunch, or maybe before sleeping, and don’t have PSP, buy this game, this game really Kick ass! d(^_^)b

Graphic: 9/10
Sound: 9/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Total: 27/30 (Amazing) (Must play!)

Review: Lego : Rock Band
System: Nintendo DS
Developer/Publisher: TT Games/Harmonix / Warner Bros Games/MTV Games/EA
Rating: Everyone 10+ (E10+)
Last Updated: 07/11/2009 20:51 P.M. (GMT +07)


Atelier Annie Alchemist of Sera Island

November 3, 2009

DS_L_Packaging_AN (c)GUST, NIS America 2009

Ready for some new adventure? then get yourself a game called Atelier Annie!

What’s this game about?
The game’s about Annie, normal girl, simple, live at the town within the mainland. However, she just like to fantasizes about being Rich, and Famous by marrying someone up (now that crazy). Their parent worried and consulted Annie Gramps the great alchemist on what to do. He decided to send Annie to Sera Island to take a part in a large resort project so she can fix the laziness of her (way to go!) Thus, the middle of night a homunculus take Annie to the resort.

She shocked and get crazy after waking up on the island, then she meet Pepe, a fairy that gives Annie a letter from her gramps describing how to do Alchemy and serve people at the resort (now that sucks). Annie that think this as a joke, and refuse to do it, until someone drag her to the ceremony of the resort project. She meets more people named Hans, he’s the resort supervisor and in extension, Annie’s superior, she discover that the reward of the competition is to marrying the Prince of Orde along with the title of of Meister (finally her dreams will come true)

So can Annie really do this? can Annie marrying the Prince of Orde and  achieve the title of Meister? While she only have 3 year to win the competition? PLAY THE GAME!

What this game look like?
The game is in simple  2D with a strategy battle and Simulator, really good game with other features like Quest and serving people, although the battle is not too much featured on this type of the game.
As an alchemist of course she can alchemy and do other Alchemist stuff like Breathing, Walking (that’s obvious)
The game map interface is just a big map with menu selection on bellow screen, the game have day to progress and every action you do on the game will affect the date.

While you progress you can built new facility, like park, spa, etc. Every assignment  you done gives you funds to create new facility, and with that fund too, you can upgrade your facility and makes people happy with that facility.

As an Alchemist you need to gather Item’s too, Gathering Item is soo easy, there’s 2 Place called Basin and Quarry (as you progress you will unlock new place) at there if you see bubble like cloud, you can gather the resource there, sometimes while you walking or gathering there you will encounter monster that mostly easy, although it’s easy, it’s better that you bring party too from Adventure Guild or Committee HQ to bring neither Hans or the lazy Patrolwomen Gillian.

The main story progress while you finishing Assignment, Assignment usually ask you to create something, well besides Assignment you can take Side Quest from Adventure Guild, the mission is usually vary like gathering some resources or create something, and there’s prize too from the side quest, and while finishing side quest you can gain fame for you and your store.

About the store… actually I still not too understand about this one, maybe if you guys know this one comment here! ^_^

What do you think about this game?
Well I was amazed by how can an RPG combined with a simulation which is really cool!, plus the music was awesome you should hear it! The graphic was enough cute and really refreshing, what can I say? Cool! the Story too was funny, I never laughed hard when I watched the Intro, so funny ^_^ PLAY IT MAN!

Graphic: 8/10
Sound: 8/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Total: 25/30 (Amazing) (Must play!)

Review: Attelier Annie
System: Nintendo DS
Developer/Publisher: GUST/NIS
Rating: Teen (T)
Last Updated: 04/11/2009 09:11 A.M. (GMT +07)



October 29, 2009


Yokoso! Minna-san! (the next sentence will be in English) I’m albertvanotto, known as kesadisan on most community site, from Indonesia, and using alias akariIchinose if asked for name in Japanese 😛
As you guys can’t see, this blog was my 2nd blog from my Indonesian blog (http://albertvo.wordpress.com/) that one was my daily life blog, yet this one was English one, and it’s all about my Hobby!

What’s my hobby? hmm… I like playing games, that usually make my brain trained by playing game (mostly puzzle and mystery), I like Racing game too, and watching Racing? oh yeah one of my favorite routine. Besides playing, I like Anime, usually Comedy, and Sports(Baseball). I like watching movies too like Horror and Comedy, those stuff I like. I like designing too! In fact, I like to make new game style and animation, I like music too! Especially Remix, and Electornic, Jazz, and Pop, a little Rock do too :P, I like to make story based on what’s on my mind, and so on (check out my project at: http://lonegamestudio.wordpress.com/)

What game I play? you really wanna know? If you read what was my hobby, you probably thinking I like game like Jigsaw Puzzle, or card. Well I play Video Games, so I like game like Tetris, or Meteos(NDS). I played many video game like my Favorite game Silent Hill, Fatal Frame(this one scare hell outta my mind), and some funky looking game like Katamari Damacy, Pac Man, and so-on, I like Rhythm game too like beatmania, DJMax, Guitarhero, Drummania, Dance Dance Revolution, and many more :P. Too many if I say it here.

I watch Anime too, especially Comedy themed, and Baseball themed ’cause I like baseball :P, I love watching Toradora, Hayate no Gotoku, Keroro Gunso(The most fav), Cross Game, and many more. I like reading Manga too, my collection was really full on my Library mostly I read Keroro Gunso, and Piano no Mori(although this one not yet continued on Indonesia).

Wanna know more? hehehe… maybe you’ll be bored, I’ll continue later k? Right know Yokoso to my Blog here, may I give you the best story of my Hobby experience here 😀