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Atelier Annie Alchemist of Sera Island

November 3, 2009

DS_L_Packaging_AN (c)GUST, NIS America 2009

Ready for some new adventure? then get yourself a game called Atelier Annie!

What’s this game about?
The game’s about Annie, normal girl, simple, live at the town within the mainland. However, she just like to fantasizes about being Rich, and Famous by marrying someone up (now that crazy). Their parent worried and consulted Annie Gramps the great alchemist on what to do. He decided to send Annie to Sera Island to take a part in a large resort project so she can fix the laziness of her (way to go!) Thus, the middle of night a homunculus take Annie to the resort.

She shocked and get crazy after waking up on the island, then she meet Pepe, a fairy that gives Annie a letter from her gramps describing how to do Alchemy and serve people at the resort (now that sucks). Annie that think this as a joke, and refuse to do it, until someone drag her to the ceremony of the resort project. She meets more people named Hans, he’s the resort supervisor and in extension, Annie’s superior, she discover that the reward of the competition is to marrying the Prince of Orde along with the title of of Meister (finally her dreams will come true)

So can Annie really do this? can Annie marrying the Prince of Orde and  achieve the title of Meister? While she only have 3 year to win the competition? PLAY THE GAME!

What this game look like?
The game is in simple  2D with a strategy battle and Simulator, really good game with other features like Quest and serving people, although the battle is not too much featured on this type of the game.
As an alchemist of course she can alchemy and do other Alchemist stuff like Breathing, Walking (that’s obvious)
The game map interface is just a big map with menu selection on bellow screen, the game have day to progress and every action you do on the game will affect the date.

While you progress you can built new facility, like park, spa, etc. Every assignment  you done gives you funds to create new facility, and with that fund too, you can upgrade your facility and makes people happy with that facility.

As an Alchemist you need to gather Item’s too, Gathering Item is soo easy, there’s 2 Place called Basin and Quarry (as you progress you will unlock new place) at there if you see bubble like cloud, you can gather the resource there, sometimes while you walking or gathering there you will encounter monster that mostly easy, although it’s easy, it’s better that you bring party too from Adventure Guild or Committee HQ to bring neither Hans or the lazy Patrolwomen Gillian.

The main story progress while you finishing Assignment, Assignment usually ask you to create something, well besides Assignment you can take Side Quest from Adventure Guild, the mission is usually vary like gathering some resources or create something, and there’s prize too from the side quest, and while finishing side quest you can gain fame for you and your store.

About the store… actually I still not too understand about this one, maybe if you guys know this one comment here! ^_^

What do you think about this game?
Well I was amazed by how can an RPG combined with a simulation which is really cool!, plus the music was awesome you should hear it! The graphic was enough cute and really refreshing, what can I say? Cool! the Story too was funny, I never laughed hard when I watched the Intro, so funny ^_^ PLAY IT MAN!

Graphic: 8/10
Sound: 8/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Total: 25/30 (Amazing) (Must play!)

Review: Attelier Annie
System: Nintendo DS
Developer/Publisher: GUST/NIS
Rating: Teen (T)
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