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New Animax Asia = Lost it’s Japanese vibe up to 98%

May 31, 2010

So this morning just after I get up, I of course turning on my PC and checking e-mails, and my newsletter from Animax, one of a TV Subscribing channel that focuses on Anime if you not yet know.

The headline called [ADV] Animax Rave May ’10: Welcome to the all new Animax!. The headline interest me to open the newsletter since I never watch TV lately, but yeah… not hurt to check e-mail right?

It turns out that the whole new changes start from this:

uhh…. get it? Start from the logo, they got makeover! well done… but more look like Technofied logo, doesn’t suit the meaning of Animax itself from the first time.

Even the Japanese still using the old logo


but forget about the logo! What I mean “Lost it’s Japanese Vibe up to 98%” ? Ok seriously now… Animax Asia has really lost it. Why?

This year 2010 Animax Asia try to fix it’s mistake to just put old anime in premier line by adding Japanese simulated time show. So it’s more like Animax try to put the latest anime, a good start. But with that, they trying to sacrifice the other show and even worse they filling 25% of Animax with non-Japanese stuff, seriously now.

Back then when Animax Asia first airing, the channel takes many part of Japanese Animax. I really love it. It just like I’m watching Japanese Channel. But what now? It turns out to be sucks like local channels. Hell! Local channels is better.

I’m not hate Animax, and the whole show. Don’t get me worng. I love watching Anime and Japanese shows. But what Animax done filling the whole channel with their own plan on “Teen Vibe” rather than “Japanese Vibe” is getting old.

Go back Animax Asia, seriously your transformation sucks!


Alan Wake PC : Need Publisher!!!

May 29, 2010

Ok… it’s not a news, yet a presumption of what I take from Remedy replies as they want to create PC version of Alan Wake, but can’t because Microsoft not allowing them.

Simple and stupid reason from Microsoft said that Alan Wake meant to be played on Big TV Screen while you sit down on couch and relaxing with Xbox 360 Controller on your hand.

That was so stupid, or maybe idiot. Yes, why you ask? Think about it, any game would fit on PC, whatever it was meant to be played on TV or whatsoever. Besides Remedy first plan is to implant Alan Wake on DX10 which makes the game freaking awesome. 360 never so awesome like DX10 IMO.

Maybe Microsoft thinking that Xbox 360 sales dropped hard, that they think they should make a competitor against it’s rival which is PS3 itself that releasing Heavy Rain which is exclusive to PS3 since of course Sony don’t do PC.

Which makes me think that Alan Wake PC needs publisher, like Mass Effect do with EA

Any publisher will do, in fact some Xbox 360 games were ported to PC  like Mass Effect and Ninja Blade, will consider the Developer to choose the better publisher to publish the game on multi console. Microsoft Games never done a good job ever, even on PC.



October 29, 2009


Yokoso! Minna-san! (the next sentence will be in English) I’m albertvanotto, known as kesadisan on most community site, from Indonesia, and using alias akariIchinose if asked for name in Japanese 😛
As you guys can’t see, this blog was my 2nd blog from my Indonesian blog ( that one was my daily life blog, yet this one was English one, and it’s all about my Hobby!

What’s my hobby? hmm… I like playing games, that usually make my brain trained by playing game (mostly puzzle and mystery), I like Racing game too, and watching Racing? oh yeah one of my favorite routine. Besides playing, I like Anime, usually Comedy, and Sports(Baseball). I like watching movies too like Horror and Comedy, those stuff I like. I like designing too! In fact, I like to make new game style and animation, I like music too! Especially Remix, and Electornic, Jazz, and Pop, a little Rock do too :P, I like to make story based on what’s on my mind, and so on (check out my project at:

What game I play? you really wanna know? If you read what was my hobby, you probably thinking I like game like Jigsaw Puzzle, or card. Well I play Video Games, so I like game like Tetris, or Meteos(NDS). I played many video game like my Favorite game Silent Hill, Fatal Frame(this one scare hell outta my mind), and some funky looking game like Katamari Damacy, Pac Man, and so-on, I like Rhythm game too like beatmania, DJMax, Guitarhero, Drummania, Dance Dance Revolution, and many more :P. Too many if I say it here.

I watch Anime too, especially Comedy themed, and Baseball themed ’cause I like baseball :P, I love watching Toradora, Hayate no Gotoku, Keroro Gunso(The most fav), Cross Game, and many more. I like reading Manga too, my collection was really full on my Library mostly I read Keroro Gunso, and Piano no Mori(although this one not yet continued on Indonesia).

Wanna know more? hehehe… maybe you’ll be bored, I’ll continue later k? Right know Yokoso to my Blog here, may I give you the best story of my Hobby experience here 😀