James Cameron’s Avatar

December 18, 2009

(c)2009 20th Century Fox/Lightstorm Entertainment

“Outstanding!” Yep, that’s what I say about this movie, an epic styled movie created by the legendary James Cameron from Titanic, comes a new dazzling  epic adventure Avatar.

What’s This Movie about?
Do you know what Avatar meaning is? Avatar is more like personality, so not to mistaken the animated story from Nick with the same title Avatar. Ok let’s get started.

Avatar is the epic story about a satelite in orbit of Polyphemus, one of three gas giants that orbit Alpha Centauri A. The year is 2154, and earth has started a connection of organism of other planet, the story start from Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) whose his brother died from a robbery, and offered on the Avatar program, Sully was paralyzed from the waist down from combat (Jake Sully is Marine) he was offered if he’s coming on the program, his paralyzed will be healed.
After reaching planet Pandora, he was asked to controlling the Avatar, a body of the living human at planet Pandora called Na’vi. Jake mission is to research and adapt the living on planet Pandora, and negotiate them to move so Earth can extract the valuable mineral that worth a kilo about 20 Million US$.
Sully was willing to do the project, and to the sync with the Avatar. On the Avatar body Sully can walk, and do the things like Na’vi can. On the middle of research, Sully was separated from his team, and met the primitive on Pandora, a girl named Neytiri. Neytiri realized that Sully was a chosen one from the god of the planet. Neytiri introduce Sully to the whole tribe. First the tribe not trust Sully as he come to their tribe. Thus makes Sully to learn to living there before he can be accepted to the Tribe.

Sully is learning the live on Pandora with Neytiri that was asked by his own father and the leader of the Tribe to assist Sully to learn to live at Pandora. Sully introduced by many things that was dangerous but exciting. He learn the language of the Tribe too, and many thing, as finally he become a man at the Tribe.

As Sully times up at the Pandora, he was forced to Negotiate the moving, instead of Negotiating, he fall in love with Pandora, and don’t want to Negotiate the moving. Knowing that the team of researching makes Sully as Traitor and destroy the Tree where the Tribe living. Sully has been exiled from the Tribe. But as he want trust from the Tribe, he tried what the Tribe predecessor do to catch the Toruk Macto, the flying living beast on Pandora that’s so powerful and feared by all the living things on Pandora.

Sully has gained trust and start a revolution, he asked to all the Tribe on Pandora to come and fight the Team that forcing them to move out. A big epic battle begin as they started to kill each other, until many of their brother fighting the army till died, and lastly standing on the last battle. That nearly killed Sully itself. Can Sully really win the battle? What about the Tribe it self? it’s all up to you to watch the Movie.


How’s this Movie look like?
I’m not a fans of War movie, or Tear jerker movie. But if you like an epic stories that makes you just amazed by the story, Watch this movie.

This movie it self come to 2 types 2D and 3D using a really out standing animation, and Post Processing the whole movie just outstanding. You’ll see new living things on Pandora that’s really beautiful and amazing.

The movie it self like a documentary of living at Pandora, as you’ll introduced to Pandora from it’s amazing side and dangerous side. Makes you want to live at the place.
The Movie sound is amazing as real, you’ll never fell as just like you at the Pandora itself. The music is arranged by James Horner, as it’s really… outstanding and really can make you fell the adrenaline on the Pandora.

The Movie Casts:
Sam Worthington … Jake Sully
Zoe Saldana … Neytiri
Sigourney Weaver … Dr. Grace Augustine
Stephen Lang … Colonel Miles Quaritch
Michelle Rodriguez … Trudy Chacon
Giovanni Ribisi … Parker Selfridge
Joel Moore … Norm Spellman (as Joel David Moore)
CCH Pounder … Moat
Wes Studi … Eytukan
Laz Alonso … Tsu’tey
Dileep Rao … Dr. Max Patel
Matt Gerald … Corporal Lyle Wainfleet
Sean Anthony Moran … Private Fike
Jason Whyte … Cryo Vault Med Tech
Scott Lawrence … Venture Star Crew Chief

What do you think about this movie?
Outstanding! Yep! Outstanding! The movie really makes myself on there and live and felled the heat of the war between Human and Na’vi, the story telling too is amazing, and how the camera placement, how the Character creation, the Culture Creation, is really telled from first to the end. Amazing Movie you never wanna miss.

Graphic: 10/10
Sound: 10/10
Story: 10/10
Total: 10/30 (Perfect Movie) (A really must watch)

Review: Avatar
Type: Movie
Producer/Publisher: Lightstorm Entertainment/20th Century Fox
Rating: PG-13 (Parental Guidance-13)
Last Updated: 19/12/2009 21:48 P.M. (GMT +07)


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